Stylist: Delisa Johnson

After spending your first hour in Delisa’s chair, you’ll feel like you’ve known her for years. She will always tell you exactly what she thinks, and her insights about color and shape are so spot-on you will always be glad she did. Delisa puts a lot of thought into making her clients feel their best. It’s not uncommon for her to find a picture or idea that reminds her of one of her clients, and then hold on to it for weeks or months so she can share it at their next visit.

Delisa is a ten-year industry veteran with an intuitive understanding of color and balance and a deep appreciation for the impact a person’s appearance can have on their day. She is particularly passionate about helping clients who are in need of a color change. She loves free-form color techniques like ombre and balayage, and her clients love the results. From root touch-ups to correcting home hair color disasters, Delisa does it all with an artist’s eye and an empathetic heart.

Delisa is also an accomplished makeup artist who has traveled extensively to teach makeup classes and work with the developers at Bobbi Brown. She can create the perfect look for a special event or teach you how to enhance your natural beauty every day. Her handiwork always results in the right balance of complexion, color selection and shape.

She’s also an adept eyebrow tamer. Whether she’s waxing or threading, Delisa shapes brows with a nuanced understanding of the dynamics of the face. An eyebrow appointment with Delisa is guaranteed to make you feel like a more polished, refined version of yourself.