Circle Square is an intimate boutique hair salon in the Fan district of Richmond. We believe beauty is an attitude… not just that, beauty is a part of every person. We are here to help people feel comfortable with their own beautiful selves, starting with their hair.

Circle Square Salon is committed to bringing you products that are high quality, healthy, eco-friendly and affordable. From the products we choose to the way we decorate our space, we strive to create a sustainable environment for our clients, our stylists and the earth.

We’ve learned from our years behind the chair that our clients know a lot about their own hair, even when they don’t know that they know! We love to think–and talk–about fashion, about style and about the world around us. That’s why every appointment starts with an in-depth consultation to help us understand how you experience your hair, and figure out how we can make that experience better, easier and more fun!

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Circle Square is a premier hair salon in Richmond, Virginia. We are just two blocks from the VMFA, and near to Carytown. Drop by and see us, or book ahead online or on the phone!